How To Start A Blog A Easy Beginner’s Guide 2019

how to start a blog

Hi, I am NVN. Balakrishna professional blogger and digital marketer since 2005 and helped many websites outrank first of google.

Here I come up with a new concept of how to make a blog less than 20 minutes and start making money 💵 online with it.

Here I am providing a comprehensive guide on how to make a beautiful and functional blog for you and let’s get started.

Before going to this topic I want to ask a question for do you familiar with the term blogging? If No please read this blog post try to understand and also refer Wikipedia

I am thinking that you are reading this free guide I confirmed that your have a basic idea of blogging.

Personal Blogging Vs Business Blogging

Here is a Very important concept every newbie should know and understand carefully what is a personal blog and what is a business blog.

The personal blog means maintained by a person who writes a daily routine or some self-life experiences. For example Instagram, and Facebook pages.

Business blogs or Professional blogs which write and maintain by a person or an organization. This kind of blog very informative of a particular product or topic, how-to guides, tips, and Tricks.

What are the prerequisite for start blog

The most important thing required for blogging is your ideas, creativity and time these three prerequisites for your blogging career.

There was some papular free platform do available for blogging with limited resources, for example,,, etc..

Google blogger is also providing a free blogging platform but has some limitations. However, my suggestion self hosted WordPress will work for your money-making blog.

The WordPress coming with two platforms which are and, the .org is opensource for all and .com provides free with some limitations.

Before starting some basic equipment required for you to build a beautiful and functional self-hosted WordPress website as a blow.

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting

How to Choose a Domain Name:

You can search below ……

Choosing a domain name is an easy task but here are two factors you need to understand if you are a micro-niche blogger you have to choose a keyword specific and you want to build a brand you have to choose on your way.

How To Build A Micro-Niche Blog On Earn 2000$ Per Month?

What is a micro-niche blog I was written very detail in an above comprehensive article just go through it?.

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