SEO( Search Engine Optimization) best Tips in 2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of writing content such that a search engine chooses it as a top result while looking for a specific keyword.

More users spot your website that is on the top of google and to become an excellent SEO, there are some things you must follow in these SEO tips 2020.

Identify Top searches By Customers

Optimizing your website requires you to know what your customers are searching for online. Before you continue writing, these are the key issues, and it doesn’t depend if it’s an article or a product landing page. There is a technique that helps a person to identify the searches in a few steps quickly.

This best SEO tip completely depends on how your topic or product searches by the customers on Google or any other search engines like yahoo, Bing, etc.

Identify Relevant Keywords for your Product or Content

Even in 2020 Google-like search engines depends on keywords only, so you have to do the best keyword research by either with paid tools like SUMrush or with free tools like Google keyword planner.

The most important concept of keyword research is analyzing your keywords with your competitors and keyword difficulty.

If your business is new you have to focus on low competitive and longtail keywords for better search engine rankings. Use the Best Keyword research tool to find out long-tail keywords.

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